John turned on his video game system to continue a game he had saved. He started playing with 450 points. In three successive actions, he doubled his score, lost 250 points, then tripled his score. What was his final score after these three actions? A. 1,850 points B. 1,950 points C. 2,150 points D. 2,250 points

Accepted Solution

Answer:Since players are losing points every time they land on a red space, it is -50,Here's our equation where c equals the amount of times.-50C=-450We need C by itself, we need to divide.-450Γ·-50=9Since there is no other way to lose points, we don't have to worry about the slope in this equation. But, there might be a way to gain points. We have it set at 0 assuming that Jamie did not score any points. This allows us to get the minimum times her could have landed.The minimum number of times he could have landed on a red space is 9 times.Step-by-step explanation: